Writing Rules


It is obligatory for your abstracts to be in the range of 200-400 words, and to include the name, surname, place of work, e-mail addresses of all authors in the paper. Abstract evaluation is completed within 7 days. As a result of the evaluation, the author is informed.

Margins : 2 cm

Font : Times New Roman, 12 Points

Title: All letters capitalized and centered

Keywords: At least 3

Word Count : 200 - 400

You should send your abstracts in word/doc format to the relevant congress e-mail address.

Submit your abstract in word/doc format via the conference manuscript submission system.

Click for sample abstract template.




English title should be included in the full text. Headings should be 12 points (Bold and Times New Roman Font Style).

Author(s)  name informations

Author names should be given as follows. Author information should not be given as footer or header.
For example:
Author Name Surname
Author title, institution, Contry, e-mail address

Abstract and Keywords 
The full text should be in English (Abstract) consisting of at least 200 and maximum 400 words.
Under the abstract , a maximum of 3-5 words in English (Keywords) should be included.

Page layout 
The page layout must be configured according to the following values:
Paper Size: A4 Vertical (Horizontal pages should not be included in the full text.)
Top Margin : 2 cm, Bottom Margin : 2 cm, Left Margin : 2 cm, Right Margin : 2 cm
Font : Times New Roman (justified)
Font Size: 12 points in the all text.
Line Spacing : Single
Please DO NOT give page numbers to the work.

Numbering of headings 
The main headings of the study should be numbered starting from the Introduction.
Study MAIN TITLES IN CAPITAL CAPITALS, Sub-titles should be written in capital letters.
For example:





According to the author's choice, one of the APA reference systems can be used.
At the end of the text, a list of reference used in the study is given under the heading REFERENCES. This bibliography, in which the references used in the study are listed, should be prepared in alphabetical order according to the surname of the author.

For references made in the text, (Author surname, Year: Page No) or (Author surname, Year) format should be used, reference notation in the form of footnotes should not be used.

For the full text template



Technical specifications for e-Poster preparation
Please submit your e-Poster as a 1-page PDF file in Portrait orientation.

Language: All e-Posters should be prepared in English.

File Format: PDF file – 1 page is recommended

Orientation: Please create your document in PowerPoint in Portrait Layout and Save it as a PDF file. You can use this template e-poster

Font types: Times New Roman

Font size: 11 points or larger

Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and embedded videos are not permitted

Images and tables: at least 200 dpi. Good picture quality is essential.

When inserting images, photos, tables, etc., use copy-paste. Do not use embedded documents

Avoid overlapping objects and layers. Only the final view/status will be visible

When saving your PDF please do not use symbols or special characters (ie. +/@/ü) in the file name.

QR codes are not to be used on the e-Poster.

File size: Less than 5 MB